Tuesday, March 3, 2015


When we started this strange and lovely adventure I was in the midst of several big work projects and there wasn't any time to figure out the kinks of working whilst living on the road.  Deadlines loomed and Bill very kindly brought me food and washed all the dishes and walked the dogs while I stayed hunched over my drawing and painting. 

Now my project load has eased a bit and after two months of full time travel we're slowly figuring out our routine.  When Bill isn't out taking photos or dealing with RV maintenance stuff, he works at the kitchen table.  My headphones are getting lots of use since Bill doesn't usually want to listen to The Gilmore Girls or Harry Potter.  The dogs, who were both initially really nervous anytime we were driving the RV, seem to have gotten into the swing of things.   

Trouble still pops up now and again (the very warm days we're having are a bit of a struggle in our little oven of a motorhome).  But illustrations are being completed, photos are being taken, delicious food is being eaten, and the air conditioner (although quite loud and a little smelly) works pretty well. 

Last week we were in Silver Springs, Florida where Bill went kayaking, saw a manatee and lots of turtles and alligators and visited the Ocala Wildlife Sanctuary (which I hope he'll tell you more about soon).  And this week we're in Orlando where we'll visit Universal Studios and Disneyworld. 

But, for now there are drawings to finish and photos to edit.

I hope you're well wherever you are!  And if you have suggestions of places to visit in Florida or the south, I'd love to hear! 


  1. Yay! I'm so happy for y'all's journey! If you ever come through Texas again, be sure to try to visit Enchanted Rock. It's one of my favorite parks in Texas. There's also Lost Maples Park northwest of Kerrville. (the hill country is great place to be in the Spring. Our wildflowers will be out and blooming from mid-March to Mid-April. For that matter, the Ladybird Johnson Center and Johnson Ranch route will have wildflowers to photo as well). It's a smaller park, but it's got some great scenery and hiking. Once summer hits Garner State Park and the rest of the hill country rivers will be filled with tubers, but it's something you should definitely try. I hope you make it to Big Bend. It's on our to-visit list as well. Happy trails and I'll be sure to keep up with your adventures.  

  2. Thanks for the great suggestions, Diandra! I visited Enchanted Rock when I lived in Austin several years ago and it's one of my favorite places! We were trying to hurry away from the cold when we were in Texas in January, but hopefully we'll be able to take our time there when we head back west in the spring. :)

  3. Hey Brooke, this is so cool! Mind if I live vicariously through you? If you'e still in FL my husband and I consider St. George Island to be the promised land… but don't tell anyone about it, we want it to stay a secret;) If you're heading farther east don't miss Charleston, SC and surrounding islands. Really beautiful for an artist. And if you happen to be heading back through Nashville (where I'm currently typing) I can recommend lots of places to eat! But don't come this way for about a week… we're expecting 3 to 6 inches of snow in the next few days. Happy Trails!