Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fort Myers and Sanibel...

On Sunday we drove from Orlando to Fort Myers.  Other than an exciting and noisy incident in which a sharp turn caused the cupboard door to fly open, thereby ejecting all of our pots and pans and knocking over the dog's water dish, the three and a half hour drive was easy peasy.

Now we're parked at a crowded but nice RV park in North Fort Myers.  (Bill had just completed the super awesome task of emptying our gray and black tanks, hence the yellow gloves).  This morning we drove about an hour to Sanibel Island where we strolled on Lighthouse Beach and found lots of beautiful seashells.  (Beach combing is pretty much my very favorite way to pass the time). 

Hopefully we'll squeeze in a few more beach combing expeditions before we continue south to the Everglades.  But, for now, there's work to be done and we're glad to be hunkered down in air conditioned Daisy.

Happy Trails!

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